Friday, April 13, 2012

It's the nights...

...that neither of can sleep that we have the best heart-to-heart discussions.

There is something to be said for not being able to sleep, especially when your best friend, your spouse is going through the same thing.  We lie there talking quietly, no interruptions, just us and our deepest thoughts.  In the dark I think we listen more attentively.  We are not rushed to express ourselves and we have more patience to really listen to what the other is saying.  The phone doesn't ring, the TV is off, the world feels at peace and so do we.

Last night it was about cemeteries, morbid, yes, necessary, also yes.  There were three options we talked about....Montana, Kansas or Utah.  All three had their pluses, but we finally decided Utah had the most positives.  I always believed I would be buried on the little rise of land south of Minneola, Kansas.  I had always imagined being next to my parents and grandparents.  It is a happy thought...Okay...a morbidly happy thought, but that was the plan.

....but then we ended raising our 5 children in Utah.  Though I sometimes feel like I'm just visiting here, I know this is where the children have put down their roots.  Even Andy who has been away from here for years and years.  When they think of home, they think of Centerville and the little two story home where the grew up.

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